Frequency scores for saeculorum by mode

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Table 2.5

Frequency scores for each saeculorum, representing the commonality of each saeculorum within each mode in terms of the number of manuscripts it is used in and the number of instances within each manuscript. 

The frequency score for each saeculorum is the average of: 

  1. the ratio of (A) manuscripts containing each saeculorum within mode X to (B) the total number of manuscripts with saeculorum in mode X, and
  2. the ratio of (C) total appearances of each saeculorum within mode X to the total number of mode X differentiae within the dataset.

For example, there are 30, 627 mode 1 differentiae across 152 manuscripts; 22, 398 of these differentiae across 132 manuscripts use the saeculorum A-A-G-F. Therefore, the frequency score of this saeculorum is:

Saeculorum frequency score = [(A ÷ B) + (C ÷ D)] ÷ 2
          = [(132 ÷ 152) + (21,858 ÷ 30,316)] ÷ 2
          = [0.87 + 0.72] ÷ 2
          = 0.79

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