Porto 1151


P-Pm 1151
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Monastic order or cathedral
Differentia type
Information on differentiae

In the original Cantus index for this manuscript, differentiae were assigned a two-digit code that identified the last note of each differentiae and used a number to distinguish between differentiae in the same mode that shared the same last note.


Differentiae indexed in consultation with a microfilm facsimile of the manuscript.

Hughes, Andrew. Medieval Liturgical Books at Arouca, Braga, Evora, Lisbon, and Porto: Some Provisional Inventories. Traditio 31 (1975): 369-384.

Indexing notes

Standardized manuscript tonary completed by Rebecca Shaw (Dalhousie University) on March 11, 2018. Edited by Jennifer Bain, Sister Ilaria Culshaw, Lucia Denk, Brayden Olson, and Rebecca Shaw (Dalhousie University) on June 18, 2019.

Contains 40 unique differentiae

Diff. ID Melodic transcription Mode Old code
67c 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gh--4 Mode 1 A1
11i 1--h-h-h-h-gH-h--4 Mode 1 A2
64s 1--h-h-g-f-gh-h--4 Mode 1 A3
74r 1--h-h-hg-fg-gff-d--4 Mode 1 D2
60b 1--h-h-g-f-h-gffed--4 Mode 1 D3
60a 1--h-h-g-f-h-gfed--4 Mode 1 D4
326a 1--h-h-g-f-h-gfede--4 Mode 1 E1
69b 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gf--4 Mode 1 F1
69m 1--h-h-g-f-ghg-gf--4 Mode 1 F3
66i 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gg--4 Mode 1 G1
52v 1--h-h-h-g-ghg-g--4 Mode 1 G3
52c 1--h-h-h-h-g-ghg--4 Mode 1 G4
367a 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gfg--4 Mode 1 G5
152c 1--f-f-f-e-cd-d--4 Mode 2 D1
213b 1--k-k-k-hg-k-j--4 Mode 3 A1
371a 1--k-k-k-hj-h-h--4 Mode 3 A2
213a 1--k-k-k-hg-kk-j--4 Mode 3 B1
372a 1--k-kh-k-hj-hg-gfe--4 Mode 3 D1
90f 1--k-kh-k-hj-hh-g--4 Mode 3 F1
91d 1--k-kh-k-hj-hg-gh--4 Mode 3 G1
25h 1--h-hg-h-hj-g-gh--4 Mode 4 A1
19t 1--h-hg-h-jh-gff-e--4 Mode 4 E2
19g 1--h-hg-h-jh-gf-e--4 Mode 4 E3
27c 1--h-g-h-j-gg-e--4 Mode 4 E4
28a 1--h-g-h-j-g-ef--4 Mode 4 F2
28e 1--h-g-h-j-gg-ef--4 Mode 4 F3
66x 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gg--4 Mode 4 G1
24d 1--h-hg-h-hj-g-g--4 Mode 4 G2
374a 1--h-g-h-j-gg-fg--4 Mode 4 G3
129c 1--k-k-l-j-kk-h--4 Mode 5 A1
69i 1--h-hg-f-gh-g-f--4 Mode 6 F1
69k 1--h-hg-f-gh-gg-f--4 Mode 6 F1a
143b 1--l-l-m-l-k-jh--4 Mode 7 A1
143j 1--l-l-m-l-kk-jh--4 Mode 7 A2
144a 1--l-l-m-l-k-jk--4 Mode 7 C1
146b 1--l-l-m-l-k-jlll--4 Mode 7 D1
99bb 1--k-k-h-k-lk-k--4 Mode 8 C1
84a 1--k-h-j-k-h-g--4 Mode 8 G1
84d 1--k-h-j-k-hh-g--4 Mode 8 G2
164a 1--g-g-g-d-f-ed--4 Tonus Peregrinus P