Wiesbaden, Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek RheinMain, 2 (Riesencodex)


D-WI1 2
Date range
Monastic order or cathedral
Differentia type
Information on differentiae

In the original Cantus index, differentiae were categorized according to their modal type (protus, deuterus, etc.), rather than their specific mode, based on the range of their accompanying antiphons. However, each differentia can be ascribed a specific mode, as shown here.

The differentiae are mostly written as part of the main layout of the manuscript, with a few written in the margins. Some of the differentiae in this manuscript are written before the start of the antiphon that they accompany, rather than after the antiphon.


Zhang, Nan, Jennifer Bain, and Alessandra Ignesti. Inventory of Wiesbaden, Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek RheinMain, 2 (Riesencodex). Edited by Alessandra Ignesti, Barbara Swanson, and Clare Neil. In: Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant: Inventories of Chant Sources. Directed by Debra Lacoste (2011-), Terence Bailey (1997-2010), and Ruth Steiner (1987-1996). Web developer, Jan Kolácek (2011-).

Images: [Reisencodex] / [Hildegard von Bingen] (1180), online edition ([Wiesbaden] : [Hochschul- und Landesbibliothek RheinMain], [2006])

Indexing notes

Standardized manuscript tonary completed by Rebecca Shaw (Dalhousie University) on December 16, 2016. Edited by Jennifer Bain, Sister Ilaria Culshaw, Andrea Klassen, and Brayden Olson and (Dalhousie University) on August 8, 2019 and Rebecca Shaw on August 11, 2019.

Contains 6 unique differentiae

Diff. ID Melodic transcription Mode Old code
67a 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-gh--4 Mode 1 A1
66r 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-g--4 Mode 1 G1
150h 1--f-f-f-ff-cd-d--4 Mode 2 D2
47a 1--h-g-h-k-gf-e--4 Mode 4 E1
47d 1--h-g-h-kk-gf-e--4 Mode 4 E2
47e 1--h-hg-h-hk-gf-e--4 Mode 4 E3