Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek - Musikabteilung, Aug. LX


D-KA Aug. LX
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Monastic order or cathedral
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Information on differentiae

Differentiae are not consistently notated in this manuscript, but indicated by tonary letters, some of which are trimmed off. A later hand added in many of the differentiae (notated) in the margins of the manuscripts.

The tonary letters (in the differentiae field of the Cantus index for this manuscript) were copied from Omlin's Die Sankt-Gallischen Tonarbuchstaben.


Metzinger, Joseph P., Lila Collamore, Keith Falconer, and Richard Rice. Inventory of Karlsruhe, Badische Landesbibliothek - Musikabteilung, Aug. LX. Additional fields added or edited by Charles Downey, Marina Gallagher, and Debra Lacoste. In: Cantus: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant: Inventories of Chant Sources. Directed by Debra Lacoste (2011-), Terence Bailey (1997-2010), and Ruth Steiner (1987-1996). Web developer, Jan Kolácek (2011-).

Omlin, Ephrem P. Die Sankt-Gallischen Tonarbuchstaben. Ph.D. diss., University of Freiburg, Switzerland, 1934.

Images: Antiphonarium Benedictinum totius anni, Aug. perg. 60, Badische Landesbibliothek

Indexing notes

Standardized manuscript tonary completed by Rebecca Shaw (Dalhousie University) on March 11, 2018. Edited by Jennifer Bain, Sister Ilaria Culshaw, Andrea Klassen, and Brayden Olson and (Dalhousie University) on August 8, 2019 and Rebecca Shaw on August 11, 2019.

Contains 45 unique differentiae

Diff. ID Melodic transcription Mode Old code
66r 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-g--4 Mode 1 a
72m 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-gfed--4 Mode 1 ab
71e 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-gfe--4 Mode 1 ac
67a 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-gh--4 Mode 1 ag
64c 1--h-h-g-f-g-gh--4 Mode 1 ah
52a 1--h-h-h-g-h-g--4 Mode 1 ap
66b 1--h-h-hg-gf-g-ghg--4 Mode 1 aq
150e 1--f-f-f-f-cd-d--4 Mode 2 e
T152f 1--k-k-k-kj-gh-h--4 Mode 2 e
97a 1--k-k-k-h-k-jh--4 Mode 3 i
86b 1--k-k-k-h-k-k--4 Mode 3 ib
92l 1--k-k-h-k-h-g--4 Mode 3 ig
97d 1--k-k-h-k-j-h--4 Mode 3 ih
94a 1--k-k-k-hk-h-ge--4 Mode 3 ik
89b 1--k-k-k-h-k-kh--4 Mode 3 ip
93c 1--k-k-k-hk-h-gh--4 Mode 3 iq
45a 1--h-g-h-k-g-eg--4 Mode 4 o
41a 1--h-g-h-k-g-e--4 Mode 4 oc
43a 1--h-g-h-k-g-ef--4 Mode 4 od
40a 1--h-g-h-k-g-gh--4 Mode 4 oh
13a 1--h-g-h-j-h-gh--4 Mode 4 ok
42a 1--h-g-h-k-g-ed--4 Mode 4 op
41d 1--h-g-h-k-gF-e--4 Mode 4 oq
T41d 1--m-l-m-o-lK-j--4 Mode 4 oq
129a 1--k-k-l-j-k-h--4 Mode 5 v
131e 1--k-k-l-j-k-hhg--4 Mode 5 vb
131a 1--k-k-l-j-k-hg--4 Mode 5 vc
7a 1--h-h-f-gh-g-f--4 Mode 6 H
T7aA 1--m-m-k-lm-l-k--4 Mode 6 H
147c 1--l-l-m-l-lk-l--4 Mode 7 y
147a 1--l-l-m-l-k-l--4 Mode 7 yb
T143bA 1--g-g-h-g-f-ed--4 Mode 7 yc
143b 1--l-l-m-l-k-jh--4 Mode 7 yc
144a 1--l-l-m-l-k-jk--4 Mode 7 yd
148b 1--l-l-m-l-k-lk--4 Mode 7 yg
141a 1--l-l-m-l-k-k--4 Mode 7 yh
142a 1--l-l-m-l-k-j--4 Mode 7 yk
141e 1--l-l-m-l-k-kJ--4 Mode 7 yq
123a 1--k-k-j-kj-h-g--4 Mode 8 w
119a 1--k-k-j-k-h-gh--4 Mode 8 wb
119g 1--k-k-j-kJ-h-gh--4 Mode 8 wb[a]
211a 1--k-k-j-kj-h-ghg--4 Mode 8 wd
135c 1--k-k-k-k-l-k--4 Mode 8 wg
99d 1--k-k-h-k-l-k--4 Mode 8 wh
212a 1--k-k-k-h-k-gh--4 Mode 8 wq