Differentiae Index

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Differentia ID Melodic transcription Mode Sort descending Saeculorum Amen No. of mss.
202a 1--h-h-hg-jhg-hgf-g--4 Da 1--h-h-hg-jhg- -hgf-g--4 1
54f 1--h-h-g-h-g-f--4 Fa 1--h-h-g-h- -g-f--4 1
144n 1--l-l-m-l-k-jkk--4 Gd 1--l-l-m-l- -k-jk--4 1
66sss 1--h-h-g-f-gh-g--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -gh-g--4 1
7o 1--h-h-f-gh-g-f--4 Fa 1--h-h-f-gh- -g-f--4 1
180a 1--l-m-l-l-kj-lkk--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-lk--4 1
69s 1--h-hg-f-gh-g-f--4 Fa 1--h-hg-f-gh- -g-f--4 1
148c 1--l-m-l-l-k-lkk--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -k-lk--4 1
118ff 1--k-k-j-k-h-g--4 Gc 1--k-k-j-k- -h-g--4 1
147t 1--l-m-l-l-k-l--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -k-l--4 1
118jj 1--k-k-j-k-h-g--4 Ec 1--k-k-j-k- -h-g--4 1
147v 1--l-m-l-l-k-l--4 cd 1--l-m-l-l- -k-l--4 1
169c 1--h-h-g-h-j-h--4 Ga 1--h-h-g-h- -j-h--4 1
184a 1--e-e-d-e-dc-d--4 DE 1--e-e-d-e- -dc-d--4 1
114b 1--k-k-k-jh-gh-h--4 ac 1--k-k-k-jh- -gh-h--4 1
258b 1--h-h-g-hj-h-g--4 1--h-h-g-hj- -h-g--4 1
191a 1--g-h-f-g-h-g--4 EG 1--g-h-f-g- -h-g--4 1
74j 1--h-h-g-f-g-gfd--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gfd--4 1
192a 1--g-g-f-g-h-g--4 EG 1--g-g-f-g- -h-g--4 1
66vvv 1--h-h-g-f-g-hg--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-f- -g-hg--4 1
128a 1--e-e-d-e-dc-defed--4 DE 1--e-e-d-e- -dc-defed--4 1
363c 1--l-m-l-l-kj-lkjh--4 ad 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-lkjh--4 1
111c 1--k-k-jh-kj-hg-g--4 Gc 1--k-k-jh-kj- -hg-g--4 1
75i 1--h-h-g-f-g-gfed--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gfed--4 1
64v 1--h-h-g-f-g-h--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-h--4 1
179a 1--l-m-l-l-kj-hg--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-hg--4 1
88a 1--e-e-d-e-dc-dfed--4 DE 1--e-e-d-e- -dc-dfed--4 1
363a 1--l-m-l-l-kj-lkjh--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-lkjh--4 1
171a 1--k-k-l-j-kj-hg--4 Gc 1--k-k-l-j- -kj-hg--4 1
222a 1--e-e-d-c-d-e--4 EE 1--e-e-d-c- -d-e--4 1
64h 1--h-h-g-f-g-gh--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gh--4 1
202b 1--h-h-hg-jhg-hgf-g--4 Ea 1--h-h-hg-jhg- -hgf-g--4 1
190a 1--e-e-d-e-f-e--4 EE 1--e-e-d-e- -f-e--4 1
188a 1--l-l-k-l-j-h--4 ad 1--l-l-k-l- -j-h--4 1
187b 1--h-h-h-g-h-ghg--4 Ea 1--h-h-h-g- -h-ghg--4 1
186a 1--f-f-e-f-d-f--4 CF 1--f-f-e-f- -d-f--4 1
142e 1--l-l-m-l-k-kj--4 Gd 1--l-l-m-l- -k-kj--4 1
118gg 1--k-k-j-k-hg-g--4 Gc 1--k-k-j-k- -hg-g--4 1
193a 1--h-h-g-h-gf-ef--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-h- -gf-ef--4 1
364a 1--l-k-m-k-l-j--4 Gd 1--l-k-m-k- -l-j--4 1
66rrr 1--h-h-g-f-g-ghg--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-ghg--4 1
69l 1--h-hg-f-gh-gf-f--4 Fa 1--h-hg-f-gh- -gf-f--4 1
23a 1--f-f-e-f-d-c--4 DF 1--f-f-e-f- -d-c--4 1
170a 1--k-kj-h-jk-hg-g--4 Gc 1--k-kj-h-jk- -hg-g--4 1
194b 1--h-h-g-h-g-ef--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-h- -g-ef--4 1
180c 1--l-m-l-l-kj-lkk--4 ad 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-lk--4 1
66ttt 1--h-h-g-f-g-hg--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-hg--4 1
198c 1--h-h-g-h-g-fg--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-h- -g-fg--4 1
141c 1--l-l-m-l-l-k--4 Gd 1--l-l-m-l- -l-k--4 1
197a 1--h-hg-f-h-gf-f--4 Fa 1--h-hg-f-h- -gf-f--4 1
127d 1--k-k-k-k-k-l--4 Gc 1--k-k-k-k- -k-l--4 1
118ii 1--k-k-j-k-h-g--4 ac 1--k-k-j-k- -h-g--4 1
147u 1--l-m-l-l-k-l--4 ad 1--l-m-l-l- -k-l--4 1
168a 1--h-h-j-g-j-hg--4 Da 1--h-h-j-g- -j-hg--4 1
153f 1--f-f-f-ed-cdd-d--4 DF 1--f-f-f-ed- -cd-d--4 1
179b 1--l-m-l-k-kj-hg--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-k- -kj-hg--4 1
184d 1--e-e-d-e-dc-d--4 EE 1--e-e-d-e- -dc-d--4 1
143aa 1--l-m-l-k-k-jh--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-k- -k-jh--4 1
198a 1--h-h-g-h-gf-g--4 Fa 1--h-h-g-h- -gf-g--4 1
184b 1--e-e-d-e-d-cd--4 EE 1--e-e-d-e- -d-cd--4 1
196a 1--jh-k-j-h-jhg-h--4 Eb 1--jh-k-j-h- -jhg-h--4 1
198b 1--h-h-g-h-g-fg--4 Fa 1--h-h-g-h- -g-fg--4 1
145b 1--l-m-l-l-kj-kl--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-kl--4 1
55b 1--h-h-h-g-j-h--4 Fa 1--h-h-h-g- -j-h--4 1
168b 1--h-h-j-g-j-hg--4 Ea 1--h-h-j-g- -j-hg--4 1
79a 1--l-m-l-l-k-lmnmlml--4 Gd 1--l-m-l-l- -k-lmnmlml--4 1
64w 1--h-h-g-f-g-h--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-f- -g-h--4 1
66ppp 1--h-h-g-f-ghg-g--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -ghg-g--4 1
184c 1--m-m-l-k-l-m--4 Ge 1--h-h-g-f- -l-m--4 1
363b 1--l-m-l-l-kj-lkkjh--4 ad 1--l-m-l-l- -kj-lkjh--4 1
187a 1--h-h-h-g-h-ghg--4 Da 1--h-h-h-g- -h-ghg--4 1
71f 1--h-h-g-f-g-ghgfe--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-ghgfe--4 1
76c 1--h-h-g-f-g-gfgh--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gfgh--4 1
113d 1--k-k-k-k-k-kjhg--4 Gc 1--k-k-k-k- -k-kjhg--4 1
71g 1--h-h-g-f-g-hgfe--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-hgfe--4 1
76b 1--h-h-g-f-g-gfgh--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gfgh--4 1
52u 1--h-h-h-g-h-g--4 Da 1--h-h-h-g- -h-g--4 1
186b 1--f-f-e-f-d-f--4 DF 1--f-f-e-f- -d-f--4 1
178a 1--l-l-m-k-l-j--4 Gd 1--l-l-m-k- -l-j--4 1
195a 1--h-h-hg-j-h-g--4 Ea 1--h-h-hg-j- -h-g--4 1
69d 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gf--4 Da 1--h-h-g-f- -gh-gf--4 1
144m 1--l-l-m-l-k-jk--4 Gd 1--l-l-m-l- -k-jk--4 1
131l 1--k-k-l-j-k-hg--4 Gc 1--k-k-l-j- -k-hg--4 1
194a 1--h-h-g-h-g-eff--4 Ea 1--h-h-g-h- -g-ef--4 1
99aa 1--k-k-h-k-l-k--4 Gc 1--k-k-h-k- -l-k--4 1
11l 1--h-h-h-g-h-hh--4 1--h-h-h-g- -h-h--4 1
173a 1--h-h-g-f-hj-h--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -hj-h--4 1
200a 1--h-h-g-f-h-gfedc--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -h-gfedc--4 1
70d 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gffd--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -gh-gfd--4 1
11i 1--h-h-h-h-gH-h--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-h-h- -g-h--4 2
60b 1--h-h-g-f-h-gffed--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -h-gfed--4 2
T75k 1--m-m-l-k-lkkj-h--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -gfe-d--4 1
337a 1--h-h-g-f-gh-gfedg--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -gh-gfedg--4 1
74r 1--h-h-hg-fg-gff-d--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-hg-fg- -gf-d--4 2
75e 1--h-h-g-f-g-gfeed--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -g-gfed--4 1
11o 1--h-h-h-h-hg-gh--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-h-h- -hg-gh--4 1
54d 1--h-h-g-h-g-f--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-h- -g-f--4 1
66bbb 1--h-h-g-f-gh-ggg--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-g-f- -gh-g--4 1
278b 1--h-h-hg-gf-gh-gfde--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-hg-gf- -gh-gfde--4 1
52v 1--h-h-h-g-ghg-g--4 Mode 1 1--h-h-h-g- -ghg-g--4 1